Israeli lab cultivates miniature ‘testicles’ in latest fertility experiment

Photo: Jewish Action

An Israeli laboratory has successfully grown miniature “testicles in a dish,” in the latest fertility experiment seeking to create sperm-producing copies of the human organ. The innovation was hatched by way of mouse cells and is currently being explored as a way to solve birth rates and other disorders.

The Theory: According to experts at Bar-Ilan University in Israel, researchers were able to produce “tiny organoids” that mimic natural testicles, including sperm production.

  • “Artificial testicles are a promising model for basic research on testicle development and function, which can be translated into therapeutic applications for disorders of sexual development and infertility,” says lead researcher Dr. Nitzan Gonen, of the BIU Goodman Faculty of Life Sciences and the Institute of Nanotechnology and Advanced Materials, in a statement.
  • Research shows one in eight couples encounter problems when trying to conceive a child, and in around half of cases the issues lie with the male partner. Low sperm count or poor sperm quality can have multiple causes, including genetic defects, hormonal imbalances, and damage from cancer treatments. Growing artificial testicles offers scientists a unique window into understanding and potentially treating these disorders.

Why This Matters: Israel, a state accused of genocide and other war crimes stemming from its ongoing war in Gaza, continues to be a pioneer in fertility research and other human-altering procedures. Their ability to carry out advanced science experiments such as these is mainly due to their nation being heavily subsidized by the American taxpayer.

  • Between 1943 and 2023 the United States government has provided the so-called State of Israel with 160 billion dollars in aid. If this figure is adjusted for inflation then the total amount of money US taxpayers have directly budgeted for Israel increases to an incredible 260 billion dollars.
  • Additionally, the US government regularly extends loan guarantees worth billions of dollars to the Israeli government. If Israel is ever unable to pay its debts, such as during a major conflict, it is the American taxpayer who will pick up the bill.
  • American tax dollars have gone to far more than just weapons. American money has built Israeli homes, subsidizes housing for Jewish families, has paid for the extensive Israeli public transportation system, and has been used to construct illegal Israeli settlements in the occupied West Bank.

Controversy: Additionally, Israel has previously drawn controversy from trans-identified progressives, largely for its abhorrent treatment of the Palestinian people. Their ire came amid the discovery that Israeli-based (Zionist) companies create a lion’s share of hormone replacement therapy drugs, needed to medically transition in the West.