Tyson Foods moves to hire over 40,000 ‘asylum-seekers’ in latest blow to American labor

John Tyson, chairman and CEO of Tyson Foods Inc. Photo: April L. Brown, AP

Tyson Foods, famous for its chicken products in the United States, now says it is “eager” to hire the over 40,000 third-world migrants streaming across the southern border.

The news comes amid reports that Tyson is working alongside “Tent Partnership for Refugees,” a pro-migrant NGO founded by Kurdish Chobani yogurt magnate, Hamdi Ulukaya.

  • Tyson’s plan is to hire from a pool of 181,400 migrants who have arrived in New York City over the last two years. Tyson currently employs roughly 42,000 immigrants in the US.
  • In 2023, Tyson Foods indicated six chicken processing facilities would close permanently, and more recently, the company added a pair of “case-ready value-added” beef plants to the list of closures, according to its first-quarter earnings report. 

The Conversation: Human resources leader Garrett Dolan stated that unlike American citizens, migrants were considered “very loyal” and, if given the chance, expressed a desire to employ over 80,000 in total.

  • “They’ve been uprooted and what they want is stability — what they want is a sense of belonging. We would like to employ another 42,000 if we could find them.”

Why It’s Important: Importing cheap labor from third-world countries drives wages down and reduces collective bargaining power.

  • In 2024, wages for White men, specifically, continue to decline in the post-Covid era, while Black and other non-White wages thrive thanks to social programs and other subsidies.
  • Additionally, “illegal immigration” costs each American taxpayer roughly $957 annually. White Americans make up a vast majority of income taxpayers at 70% and currently pay for their own demographic replacement.
Infographic: White-Papers Policy Institute