US Congressman says ‘Kill them all’ in response to concerns about American bombs used by Israel to kill Palestinian children

Republican candidate Andy Ogles declares victory after winning the House of Representatives in Tennessee’s newly created 5th Congressional District at an election night watch party at Puckett’s in Columbia, Tenn., Tuesday, Nov 8, 2022. Stephanie Amador / The Tennessean

US Congressman Andy Ogles (R) has ignited controversy after stating “we should kill them all” in response to a pro-Palestinian activist voicing concerns about the harmful effects of US backing for Israel’s war in Gaza, especially on children.

Context: In the recorded incident, the activist walks alongside Ogles and staff members as she has a back-and-forth with the congressman about mounting civilian deaths in Gaza.

  • “I’ve seen footage of shredded children’s bodies, and that’s my taxpayer dollars going to bomb those kids,” the activist said.
  • “I think we should kill them all, if that makes you feel better,” Ogles replied. “Everybody in Hamas.”

First-term Congressman Ogles is known for his unwavering support for the Jewish state.

  • Voted to censure Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib after she made several comments condemneing Israel’s brutal war against the Gaza Strip in the wake of October 7th.
  • His 2022 election campaign received $10,000 from the American Israel Public Affairs Committee.

Scandal: The Campaign Legal Center (CLC) filed an ethics complaint against Ogles in January for allegedly failing to disclose a $320,000 personal loan to his campaign in 2022 and a $700,000 line of credit from a bank later that same year