UPDATE: British historian David Irving still alive

Prominent British historian, David Irving. Photo: X/Twitter

UPDATE: A previous version of this article alleged that prominent British historian, David Irving had passed away. The information came from an unconfirmed source but a family member of Mr. Irving has now elaborated that their loved one is still alive.

Photo: A relative of David Irving in a post on Irvingbooks.com

David Irving, the legendary British historian and Second World War revisionist, has allegedly passed away at the age of 85. The sad news came amid recent claims that the scholar and prolific author had been suffering from an undisclosed illness.

The Source: Originally disclosed on the social media platform Telegram, news of Irving’s demise quickly spread among revisionist and “traditional Anglo” channels before reaching mainstream attention. At the time of press, Irving is 85 years old.

  • ‘[David] was hospitalised for nearly two months, enduring the kind of challenges we never anticipated he would face. 
  • ‘It is with sadness that we must accept that David is now unable to engage in his life’s work.

The Legacy: Irving, an academic who has suffered multiple institutional attacks for his work on debunking mainstream Holocaust claims, has penned dozens of intellectual works chronicling events and figures during the Second World War. For his important yet controversial work, Irving had been jailed, fined, and banned from the nations of Lithuania and Germany.

To many, he is considered the leading historian on national socialism and Holocaust revisionism.