Conservative commentator Douglas Murray announces new doxxing database for Israel critics


According to Irish Nationalist Keith Woods, British conservative commentator Douglas Murray is set to launch a new initiative aimed towards doxxing critics of Israel for “hate speech” in order to hurt their reputation and prevent them from getting jobs.

TECAH, The Emergency Coalition Against Hate, will officially be launched by Murray on February 28th at an event in Canada hosted by the Jewish organization Tafsik.

  • TECAH’s focus will be on “advocating and legislating against both Islamic extremism and diverse woke/DEI ideologies”
  • Will propose a “Hate Offenders List akin to sex offenders list for those convicted of hate crimes” in order to “streamline law enforcement efforts, impose travel restrictions, limit access to certain public places, and significantly impact job opportunities to deter wielders of hatred from positions of power.”

D.A.V.I.D, Database Against Violence, Intimidation & Discrimination, is the database, led by Tafsik, which will “tackle antisemitic rhetoric.”

  • “Utilizing the SEO and social media platforms like Twitter(X), TikTok, Facebook posts reported onto D.A.V.I.D. will have hyper-visibility using a simple Google search, affecting the individual’s employment opportunities and reputation.”
  • “D.A.V.I.D employs facial recognition to identify bigots from photos or videos.”

Further Context: Douglas Murray is also the Director of the British Free Speech Union which allegedly “stands up for the speech rights of its members and campaigns for free speech more widely.”

  • However, Murray’s group has refused to say anything about British nationalist Sam Melia who has been convicted for distributing stickers, that even he prosecution admitted carried ‘lawful statements.’