Openly gay ‘sadistic’ doctor facing 58+ new accusations of sex abuse of minors

Dr. Darius Paduch, 55. Photo: Dr. Paduch X/Twitter

A “sadistic, perverted” urologist who once worked in Long Island’s Jewish Medical Center, has been hit with 58+ new allegations of sexual abuse of young male patients and interns. A deeper look into the life of the accused reveals a gay marriage and an adopted 9-year-old son.

The allegations: In 2022, a complaint was filed against 55-year-old Dr. Darius Paduch, a urologist from Manhattan, alleging that he sexually abused a male high school intern over a period of two years, disguising it as “educational mentoring.”

But in a horrific twist, the openly gay healthcare provider has been hit with 58 more allegations of sexual abuse, alleging to have occurred between 2015 and 2019.

  • “The latest lawsuit filed in Manhattan Supreme Court under the Adult Survivors Act alleges that at least 58 victims were “sexually assaulted, sexually exploited, and sexually abused” by Paduch for nearly two decades.”
  • “Paduch acted as a disgusting, sadistic, and perverted sexual predator who used his esteemed and trusted position…to sexually groom, exploit, abuse, rape, molest, fondle, sodomize, and commit various acts of physical, verbal, and sexual assault and battery on thousands of patients, including the plaintiffs herein, all under the pretense of providing legitimate, medically necessary, medical care,” the lawsuit states.
  • In addition to the abuse, the lawsuit alleges, Paduch allegedly performed “unnecessary surgical procedures on patients, often without any anesthesia, in an effort to inflict pain.” Afterward, he allegedly “dispensed copious opioid medication in an effort to get his patients addicted so that he could better manipulate, control, exploit, and abuse them—all without any basis in actual medical standards of care.”

The Aftermath: Despite facing allegations of sexual assault of minors going as far back as 2017, Paduch’s employers allowed him to continue working as a healthcare professional for six more years, according to the lawsuit.

  • “My clients and I have had enough of the cover-ups that are happening at hospitals and medical clinics across the country—and we’re doing everything possible to help change this culture by holding institutions and their enablers accountable,” Anthony T. DiPietro, the lawyer who filed Thursday’s lawsuit, told The Daily Beast. “We look forward exposing the administrators who failed protect patients from this known predator. I believe the work we’re doing will help make this world a better place for our kids, grandkids, and generations to come.”

Why this Matters: The topic of homosexual acceptance in Western nations has become a political flashpoint in recent years. While many who advocate for LGBTQ+ rights often point to alleged instances of child abuse stemming from religious institutions, they often turn a blind eye to abhorrent and despicable acts committed in their own community.

Child sex abusers who get convicted in a court of law are also perceived by many to get a “slap on the wrist” when it comes to criminal sentencing. As a result, some critics say homosexuality as a value system is merely being “state-enforced” by local and federal governments.

In the Headlines: In February, a “Transgender” daycare worker avoided prison despite being convicted of sexually abusing a baby during a diaper change. After taking a plea deal, Maria Childers, was found to have “rubbed an infant’s genitalia” in front of coworkers, who later turned him in.

In Germany, a transgender pedophile was also spared jail time, after telling authorities that his possession and consumption of child sexual abuse material (CSAM) was merely to help him develop a “gender identity.” While the offender was not named in German media, the excuse worked, and a judge let him off with a light sentence.