Son of Benjamin Netanyahu takes refuge in the US while war in Gaza grinds on

Yair Netanyahu and friends in Miami. Photo: DailyMail

The son of embattled Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, is being protected by a cadre of Shin Bet bodyguards as he takes refuge in a Miami resort 7,000 miles away from the current Gaza conflict.

According to reports, 32-year-old Yair Netanyahu, continues to slink away from his country’s call to war, instead opting to “sip drinks” and “lounge” inside a $5,000-per-month rental in Hallandale Beach.

Why this matters: As Israel’s war in Gaza continues to grind on into 2024, IDF soldiers have so far struggled to achieve what Bibi Netanyahu promised as a “total victory” over the Palestinian Hamas. The optics of a wartime leader’s son sitting out a conflict as hundreds of thousands of his countrymen fight has been interpreted poorly by critics and could cast doubt on the legitimacy of the regime in Tel Aviv.

What they’re saying: Uri Misgav, a journalist for Israel’s Haaretz, clarified Yair’s current position in the United States, calling him a “lazy bum” and attacking him for his social media activism.

  • “He likes to wage war – but via social media,” he said.
  • ‘He is the lazy bum son who is partying in Miami while his Prime Minister father urges ordinary Israelis to sacrifice their own sons and lives,’ he continued.
Yair Netanyahu sipping drinks in his Miami condo. Photo: DailyMail

By the numbers: Since the war in Gaza commenced on October 7th, 2023, 22,185 people have been killed as a result of unrepentant attacks by Israeli forces, striking what many consider are civilian areas and critical infrastructure like hospitals and ancient holy sites.

As a result, the nation of Israel has suffered virtually worldwide condemnation and even allegations of genocide for its heavy-handed attacks, which have some world leaders concerned about an expanding regional conflict into places like Syria, Iraq, Iran, Yemen, among others.

Despite the casualties so far, the Israeli military said the war would likely be fought for the remainder of 2024 in a statement made on New Years.

Other Headlines: Yair Netanyahu would not be the only son of an Israeli functionary hoping to skirt responsibility in the United States. In February, the son of an Israeli diplomat allegedly ran over a police officer in Sunny Isles Beach, Florida.

The suspect, 19-year-old Avraham Yehuda Gil—son of diplomat Eli Gil—attempted to declare “diplomatic immunity” to get out out of criminal trouble. Despite his privileged position, he would later be denied.