US Deputy Secretary of State Victoria Nuland Resigns

Photo: Kevin Dietsch, Getty Images

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken confirmed Deputy Secretary Victoria Nuland’s “imminent resignation” on Tuesday. In a press statement, Blinken referred to Nuland as “indispensable” in managing the current war in Ukraine against Russian President, Vladimir Putin.

  • “It is Victoria’s leadership in Ukraine that diplomats and foreign policy scholars will study for years to come. Her efforts were indispensable in resisting Putin’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine, in forging a global coalition to ensure his strategic failure, and in helping Ukraine reach the day when it can get back on its feet – democratically, economically and militarily.”

It was also noted that Deputy Secretary for Management, John Bass will fill Nuland’s role temporarily.

Why this Matters: Under Nuland’s watch, billions of dollars in support have been funneled into the defense of Ukraine, which so far has done little to stop Russian victories all across the region. Leaked phone calls had revealed that Nuland was a key player behind the now-infamous Maidan Coup, an event that would culminate in the current war.

In the Headlines: Last month, a military breakthrough at the key city of Avdeevka forced a Ukrainian retreat, and would cast doubts on the Kiev regime;s ability to maintain control of it’s tattered front lines.