Ex-convict and criminal justice activist arrested for murder after Joe Rogan interview

Sheldon Johnson getting walked out of the 44th Precinct stationhouse in the Bronx. – Matthew McDermott

A Black ‘criminal justice’ activist and former convict was arrested and charged with murder in New York City after police say that they found a human torso in a blue bin and a head stashed in a freezer inside a Bronx apartment.

  • The suspect, Sheldon Johnson, was also caught on video disguised in a blond wig at the scene of the crime, according to witnesses and police.
  • Neighbors told cops the victim was heard desperately pleading with the suspect shortly before two shots were heard in the apartment.
  • Sources claim that the victim, Collin Small, may have had a beef with Johnson while both were doing time at Sing Sing prison in Westchester County. 

Context: Johnson was released from prison in 2019 after serving 20 years for a series of armed robberies when he was with the Bloods gang.

  • Since his release Johnson worked as a client advocate with the Queens Defenders office.

Joe Rogan Experience: Johnson was on Joe Rogan’s podcast back in February where he used his life story to make the claim that the US criminal justice system is unfair because it sentenced him to 25 years for armed robbery.

  • After listening Johnson’s story Rogan would say that “it highlights how insanely broken the criminal justice system is, it’s so broken, and seems so overwhelmed, the root cause of it is never addressed”