Whites in Mass. shelter migrants in latest “village effort” to combat system failures

The Stokes family (pictured) signed up for a new pro-migrant initiative, volunteering their home to four “asylum seekers” from Chile. Photo: CBS Boston

A White couple from Massachusetts volunteered their home as a temporary migrant shelter in order to house four people who entered the country from Chile. According to reports, the couple received their new guests within an hour of signing up for the state’s controversial new resettlement initiatives.

The Conversation: The family who offered their home, Chris and Jessica Stokes, said they were thrown “off guard” at how quick their offer was taken up.

  • “I was like, ‘I have to get sheets on the beds. How many people are coming? Where are they from? What ages?’ We really knew nothing,” said Jessica Stokes.
  • “The need is so clearly overwhelming…It boggles the mind that there are so many hundreds of those stories and those people who are in such a stressful, traumatic transition,” said Chris Stokes.

The Program: The new program in Massachusetts, referred to as a “village effort” by Gov. Maura Healey, seeks to tap into local institutions to help tackle the state’s growing migrant woes.

According to local affiliate WGBH, several faith-based organizations offer American citizens the chance to transport, tutor, feed, and even house “new arrivals” and help pick up the slack left behind by the state and federal government.

  • “We try to provide housing through host homes and provide other services like transportation, English-language tutoring, help with resumes and job searches, medical — you know, all the things that a new arrival needs to navigate,” said Paul Belfanti, president of the Immigrant Support Alliance.

Why This Matters: Thanks to uncontrolled entry into the United States via its southern border, states like Massachusetts are finding themselves ill-equipped to handle the recent influx of thousands of non-White migrants. The development has seen an increase in homelessness, crime, and lack of resources throughout the northwest.

According to the pro-White policy analysts at White-Papers, 40% of Americans believe that rapidly changing racial demographics “pose a threat to White Americans and their values.” According to the same data, 1 in 4 Americans also believe that the “Great Replacement” is a deliberate act, made possible through policy set at the nation’s highest positions of power.

By the Numbers: While a sudden influx of non-White migrants can lead to unfortunate consequences for Americans as a whole, other issues can spring about. According to White-Papers, an increase in diversity can also lead to a sharp decrease in generosity and charitable spending.

  • “In the United States Whites are the most likely to formally volunteer in a given year, with a rate of 37.7%. This is significantly higher than the Hispanic volunteer rate of 25.2% or the Black volunteer rate which sits at 26.2%. Only Asian Americans, coming in at a volunteer rate of 37.4%, volunteer at rates similar to White Americans. This 11 to 12 point gap in volunteer rates represents millions of people and tens of thousands of manhours in American communities.”